Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank You Lyrical Voices Family! 7 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Hello Lyrical Voices Family! 7 years later we fill a crowded room with poetry, art, positivity, and we open our lives up in an effort to be free of whatever has been weighing us down. I love that so many people who never shared on the mic before chose our space to break their silence. Verbal Slap represents Connecticut with so much strength and the content of their poems educate and connect with everyone who listen. Thank you Face, M.I.D.N.I.G.H.T., Proverbs, Croilot, and Frederick Douglass for using your poems to inspire, bringing your fire, and dropping your passion in our space. Alicia Cobb and Ajani Housen were honored for their dedication to document and enrich our community with their art. Lyrical Voices is lucky to have them as part of our community. DJ Buddha LuvJonz is an original in everything he does and the way his music matches all our moments brings the evening to the next level of beauty. Thanks to Gerald Moore for allowing us to occupy Gallery 1212 for as long as it takes to leave with a clear spirit. I thank everyone for their motivation and inspiration. I am glad this venue touches lives including my own. If you didn’t come it wouldn’t exist and it’s important to recognize that we celebrate our community. It is bigger than an individual or a group but how we engage the community and share what we know about art and dedication to our passion when we leave the platform. Your love and support is necessary. The fact that you are so generous with it is the heart beat of Lyrical Voices. Stick with us as we move forward! There is much more to experience. LOVE. Shanna
(Paintings Left of photo are by Alicia Cobb. Two large paintings to the right of photo are by Shanna Melton "Behind Every Strong Black Man Is A..." & "Praise"
(Shanna Melton hosting our Lyrical Voices 7 Year Anniversary!!)
(Alicia Cobb {} & Ajani Housen being awarded for their growth and contributions in our Connecticut artist community and beyond.)
(Connecticut's slam team Verbal Slap!!! They rocked the room!!! Left to Right: Proverbs, M.I.D.N.I.G.H.T., Frederick Douglass, Croilot, Face Thanks to you all for bringing all of your passion to the space and representing our state so well!)
(DJ Buddha LuvJonz of providing an artistic discussions moment on behalf of his art and business LuvJonz Ent.)
(Lala gathering the energy of our evening and holding it in her journal for safe keeping!) Thank you all for your contributions toward making Lyrical Voices an empowering love space! (Photographs provided by Ajani Housen of LuvJonz Ent.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Artistic Discussions ~ July 23, 2011

What Is Artistic Discussions? This Saturday will be new and beautiful!I have been watching a lot of youtube and enjoying the many artistic videos on where artists discuss their craft. Poets, painters, singers, dancers, actors, they all give a voice to their art in discussions about their passion, inspiration, motivation, technique, etc. It is so important for an artist to do this throughout our experience because it is only while we are here that we have the opportunity. One day someone else will try to interpret what we do and they might come up with a reasonable yet inaccurate explanation of how our creations arrived. This is our chance to tell the story first hand.

I am certain of 6 discussions with some excellent artists over the next few months and it is going to be powerful. Do not miss this experience and be sure to share this event as much as possible so other people know what we are doing. If you have something you are wondering about when it comes to painting and poetry, mind evolution and myself can tell you what we know. there will be other artists who have great perspectives to add to the discussion as well.

we are looking forward to this time. thank you in advance for your continued support.